Business Coaching – Ensuring Your Company’s Future

Developing a business can be a fairly challenging journey as well as complicated as your businesses demands increase. Having a well devised business plan is always a necessary starting point; however, once you have developed your business plan where do you go from there? Many business owners have solicited the help of a knowledgeable and experienced business coach. Gaining an external perspective can prove to be essential in your businesses growth in today’s every changing market.

Business coaching is the practice of providing advice and support to an individual or business to help them recognize ways to improve the effectiveness of their business. Business coaching is for the inexperienced entrepreneur as well as the established company with an extensive history. It has been reported that over 40% of Fortune 500 companies use business coaching. Your business coach can observe costly ineffective patterns and help develop and establish new strategies necessary to enable your business to grow.

As reported by the International Coach Federation, of the 210 clients whom were receiving business coaching 70% reported their investment in business coaching as “very valuable”, 28.5% said their investment was “valuable” and 1.5% said their investment in a coach had “not been valuable.” In summary, an astonishing 98.5% of coaching clients reported their investment in a coach as “well worth the money.”

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Tips For Wealth Dragons Property Investing

The Wealth Dragons seminars and bootcamps are the best way to learn about property investments. Making a property investment can be a risk and it is not always as easy as everyone makes it out to be. You are taking a chance for a high risk of failure when you make a property investment without any knowledgeable guidance. When you invest without the proper guidance there is a good chance you will fail. If property investing was so easy everyone be doing it. Here are few certain tips I have learned through property investments with the Wealth Dragons that could benefit anyone interested in making money.

  1. Attend a property entrepreneur bootcamp hosted by the Wealth Dragons. This 4 day program teaches what the property investment niche has to offer you and how you will learn how to maintain the right mindset when making property investments. This bootcamp will also give you the opportunity to network with others who share the same interest as you and the give you the opportunity to meet new people and potentially make long lasting business relationships.

  2. Another tip I have learned is to try to not put any money down. The wealth dragons will teach you how to purchase all kinds of property without a mortgage or little to no money down. If this is not possible with your specific property investment then it is recomended that you try to put down more than what they ask of you. If they need 20% down, you should attempt to make at least 25% down. In the end this will give you a better interest rate for your property investment.

  3. Learn to haggle down the price. Many people will price their property for more than what it is worth because they assume others will make a lower offer than what they need or want. Always try for a lower price and be persuasive when you do so. Communication is the number one key when it comes to making money from property investments and for lots of other things related to business.

For more information about I what I have learned from the Wealth Dragons, go to

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Property Investing With Wealth Dragons

The Wealth Dragons make property investing easy and simple. There is so much money to be made with property investments in this economy. They have taught thousands of people across the globe on how to make money in property investments through their products of educational programs, books and TV broadcasts. The first question you must ask yourself when first starting out in property investing is where should you buy?

The first step is to get to know what the real estate market is like where you want to buy. You should also do some research on who lives there and who wants to live there. If you know what type of particular type of property you want to develop, you then need to figure of it there is a market for it. You should get to know an area where you want to buy and you can do a lot of that research online. However, it is always recommended that you actually go out and see the property for yourself. If you are developing for the first time, it is easier to work with what you know, so you should stick to areas close to where you live and where you know. The Wealth Dragons have experience in this niche and they can help you find a promising location for your property investment.

After you have decided where you want to purchase property you need to determine if it will be a good investment. It is imperative to create a profile of the property investments you are building based on how it will end up after you have fixed it up and made all of the necessary remodeling. This investment should involve location, layout,  number of rooms, and all of the features, the Wealth Dragons can help you with all this. Another strategy is to contact local real estate companies and agents and find out the price of newly renovated properties that match your profile that have sold for in the last few months.

The Wealth Dragons are experienced in property investments and they want to help you make money. They have made millions in property investing for themselves and now they are helping others. For more information go to

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4 Tips For Wealth Management Planners

Here are four top tips to working with people and helping them with their wealth management plans.

  1. It’s exit planning, not retirement planning- Whoever thought that the corporate ladder that so many people worked so hard to get to the top of would end up being their worst nightmare?   Many clients in their late 30’s to late 40’s are not as worried about retirement as they are figuring out an exit plan from the job they have grown to hate and move into something that they love. Having other knowledge like using their 401(k) as potential funding for starting up their business is additional information that you will want to know in the future.  Most of all, discuss work optional and exit planning versus retirement.

  1. Bundle sets of services- For many making people, their own financial plan and asset management isn’t a competency issue,  it’s a capacity issue. Time is the number one most important commodity. As family life, work life, and technology have stretched their time to the max, having a disconnected advisory relationship makes it more arduous for people to do their financial plan. Whether or not your firm offers it, having the ability to bring in CPA’s, attorney, and property & casualty professionals.

  1. Life coach versus financial coach- Many of the clients you will bring aboard into your practice need much more than wealth management advice or a financial planner.   Being skilled in understanding how to read job offers, benefits booklets, and overall business knowledge will be rewarded even more than being able to construct an asset allocation. You will want to brush up on understanding business entities, general day to day financial decision issues, and helping to plan for their parents’ and/or childrens’ long term care.

  1. Marketing needs to be done through experiences-  Most people can see right through the type of marketing where you impress them, even if you can get them in the seats.  Try going to a website like Living Social ( and looking at the experiences that you can recreate for prospecting or client appreciation events.

To learn more about how to approach wealth management and financial advising with a client go to

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7 Things to Ask When Looking for Financial Planners in Dallas

Looking for the right financial planners in Dallas can be a tedious task. You have to be cautious and smart about your decision. Whatever company or team of financial planners in Dallas you pick are going to have access to your most personal information like account numbers, stocks, and social security numbers. Not to mention the fact that you’ll be trusting them with your financial future and the financial future of your family. Choosing wisely is essential.

First you should find financial planners in Dallas who have a good reputation. Ask around, get recommendations from friends and family, etc. Once you’ve narrowed down your search, how do you choose which is the right one for you? There are seven things you can ask to help you with this decision.

Here are the seven things you should always ask before choosing a financial advisor:

  • How do you charge for your services and how much do you charge? There are a variety of different ways financial planners can charge you for their services. Some are commision based, meaning they’ll try and get you to purchase life insurance, asset protection, and etc. in order to make more money for themselves. This isn’t the best way to go for you, because they tend to be more interested in what money they’re making than what they should be doing with your finances. Finding a financial advisor who charges a flat rate or a certain amount for each service is best. You also need to find out things like if there’s an initial planning fee and if they charge a percentage for assets under management. Finding out how they charge for their services can give you an idea of their level of incentive for helping you.
  • What licenses, certifications, and other credentials do you have? There are a few different types of certifications a financial advisor can hold. They are:
    -CFP: Certified Financial Planner
    -ChFC: Chartered Financial Consultant
    -RIA: Registered Investment Advisor
  • What services does your firm provide? You need to make sure their firm provides services that can be tailored to your needs. Certain financial planners in Dallas will specialize in certain areas that others do not.
  • What types of clients do you specialize in? Just like with services, some firms focus on certain clients that others do not.
  • Can I see a sample financial plan? You want a financial advisor who has one of these on hand for you to look at. A financial plan should be simple and to the point. It should cover all assets owned, expenses, investments, recommended action, and an overview of the plan. You shouldn’t see just one page or fifty pages. The usual financial plan should be between 4-8 pages long.
  • What is your investment approach? You don’t want to end up with a financial advisor who takes risks with your money or one that isn’t skilled at investments. Find out their usual approach and see if they allow for your input or not.
  • How much contact do you have with your clients? You’re not looking for a team of financial planners in Dallas who will call you daily, but a good firm will keep in touch in order to give you updates, ask your opinion on certain things, and let you know if anything has changed.

To learn more about finding financial planners in Dallas look here:

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